Trans-Time Express Radio Show

Born into the “Baby-Boomer” generation, rock and roll music quickly became my favorite form of music to listen to. I was raised listening to classic Country music, which was what my parents loved. They were quickly distressed by my discovery of Paul Revere and the Raiders, back in 1965. My poor Dad was especially distressed over the fact that I focused on Mark Lindsay (their lead singer), who just happened to wear a pony-tail……. But, I am happy to say that my parents, learned to really enjoy some of the rock and roll music of my generation, Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere and the Raiders, being a part of the music they would listen to. And, Dad learned that Mark Lindsay was no threat to his little girl, especially since I was too young in 1965, to actually attend any concerts with Paul Revere and the Raiders, featuring Mark Lindsay…. So in the early 1990’s when a position became available at a local soft rock radio station, naturally I pounced! Although I was not a disc jockey there, I was the receptionist, and had that little taste of working in the environment which I felt I was meant to be in. Sadly, that radio station is no longer on the air. I have missed being a part of a radio station for years, and becoming a part of the Red Eye Radio Network team is helping to fill that void. It is my mission to bring to you, a radio show with classic rock music from the 1960’s thru the 1980’s, with a heavy rotation of songs from the 1970’s. I will include songs which topped the charts in my area, but perhaps not on the National Billboard charts. There are so many, many GREAT songs which came out in that time frame, but have been forgotten it seems. Also, it will be my mission to introduce some brilliant new talent to you, I can not wait to share the songs from these phenomenal new artists!