Radio Personality

I'm Canadian born and bred and my story is a simple one for all of those who have had a older sibling(s) can possibly relate, I was a young rocker in the making when my older brother brought home Kiss destroyer and Kiss Alive, at first caught by the image of Kiss,it was visual eyecandy then once that sweet vinyl was placed on the turn table to sing,a bombastic explosion went off, it had begun, a young Doc of Rock had taken his first steps into the world of heavy rock I had no clue what they were saying but I knew I loved it. As the years progressed I formed and sang in many bands from straight ahead rock to glam, back to straight ahead balls to the wall full throttle rock n roll, as a singer I was in charge of profiling and socialising always emulating my rocking roll hero's, which gave me my gift of gab so to speak, with never a loss to say, as I have been told. I would eventually slide into the world of DJ-ing balancing both. I began DJ-ing in bars not professionally but many a professional dancer would hear, Now gentlemen welcome to center stage....... form there I wandered into the world of internet radio from a suggestion from a friend, so I said why the Rock not. I decided on playing music that both satisfied my thirst for REAL ROCK and I knew others felt the same, and what a great medium to reach the masses but through the great wide world of internet,so the music obviously I decided on was music from musicians who knew and know how to play there instruments, a time with over the top showmanship and a kick ass take no prisoners approach and attitude, the music of a generation, were talking the 70's and 80's, I've bounced from station to station over the years, looking for that one special station and I have found it right hear at the Red Eye. Well fellow rockers threes a little brief snippet of my over 30 years of music, a real rocker don't give his age, cause were forever young. Tune in, see what the hype is about. If your about to Rock I salute you. "Shut up N Rock"