Radio Personality

Norma Jean is a 48 year old Music Lover ! Started out with Johnny Cash at a very young age. Norma Jean is Known for her Love of 80's Hair bands. Called the Queen of Classic Rock, When she turned 16, The Rock Band Kiss just sealed the deal with her she never looked back. She had never been a DJ until The Late Brian Boone Of smokintunz gave her a chance and Molded her into who she is now. Norma Jean has worked in a sewing factory 17 years and with HP computers for a year. Has been into DJing 2 years. Been with The Red Eye Radio Network Since May 11, 2009. Was with Smokintunz from June 11, 2008 Before having to leave In April 2009 because of family sickness. Made Station Manager August 25, 2009.