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West Central Florida Real Time Lightning Display

There are multiple ways you can view current lightning activity:

Java is required for image loop animation. Visit Sun's to download the latest version.
A full complete detailed StormTrac text report of current activity is also available.

  • This lightning StormVue java display is updated continuously live from data received by our detector. You can view two levels of zoom, as well as review the last hour of strike history.

  • Astrogenic's Nexstorm lightning display and analysis software provides the data this applet uses.

  • Our sensor, at the "+", is in New Port Richey, Florida at 28.15.55N 82.41.20W around 20ft AGL.

  • The hardware we use is a Boltek LD-250 Lightning Detection System. The LD-250 model does not provide strike classification, so all strikes seen will appear as negative cloud to ground hits.

Some details about the hardware that powers this system and its installation...
LD250 brain box: Processes strikes heard by the sensor antenna and processes that information into a usable stream of serial data. We use a Lantronix WiBox to get this serial data from a location away from any electrical generated noise in our back yard to the server running Nexstorm over 300ft away. This also provides for isolation, with the antenna being 20ft in the air. The LD250 and WiBox are actually solar & battery powered.
GPS Antenna
GPS Antenna: Receives time from the atomic clocks on the GPS satellites giving accurate time stamps of the strikes heard for StrikeStar.
Boltek Antenna
Sensor Antenna: Listens for broadband noise, the same heard on AM radio during a storm. This dual loop antenna is essentially a direction finder.
Outdoor antenna mount
Our Installation: This shows our home brewed PVC pipe antenna mount & protector. It's painted light brown to blend in with rest of the back yard.

Some very important lightning facts that you may not know...

  • If you can see it or hear it, lightning can hit you. Find shelter now.

  • Lightning is the No. 2 weather killer in the US (behind floods).

  • Every 5 seconds between flash and boom is a mile's distance from you.

  • Under ideal conditions, lightning's thunder can be heard 12 miles away.

  • Lightning is really no wider than a few inches.

  • All thunderstorms produce lightning.

These images are not to be used for protection of life and property!

This detector covers a large area of Central Florida. Including Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Desoto, Hardee, Polk, Lake, Sumter, Hernando and Citrus Counties. The range goes beyond these areas, however is still limited to an effective 250 mile radius.

Nexstorm Console - StormVue Java - WASP Networked - StrikeStar Network - SPARK Mobile

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